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Digital Proofing

The proof of our attention to detail is literally in the proof.

We understand the hard proof is your main final print guide, so we never underestimate the importance of a delivering a proof that is as close to 100% accurate as it can be.

Our carefully calibrated proofing devices give you press-predictable results every time. And you can choose from a range of proofing options to suit your budget and job.


Reliable. Consistent.

Hundreds of satisfied customers happily use these contract proofs as an accurate representation of the file and print outcome.

Our clients rely on our 3DAP or ISOV2 approved proofs for acceptance of material being published.

Kodak Approval XP4

Almost as good as the real thing.

For that critical project or special requirement, use our calibrated XP4 proof for the ultimate in proofing.

These true dot proof plates replace the traditional chemical proof with even greater accuracy and repeatability. It is the only proof that successfully combines proofing of real metallics and PMS colours, and offers the unique benefit of being able to proof onto most stocks (including film and poly), so you can predict the final results with amazing accuracy.

The ideal proofing medium for that packaging job or agency mock-up – so real you’d swear it was actually printed.

Double-sided Dylux

Cost effective peace of mind.

This low-cost positional proof is the ideal way to complete sign off, by proofing onto low-cost double-sided stock.

Ideal for content and verification of any changes/corrections prior to print. Not intended for colour accuracy, but a fast, economical proof for peace of mind.

Soft Proof

PDF positive.

One of the major problems facing our industry today is the inaccurate and widely variable quality of computer screens in use by clients and originators – often resulting in inappropriate decisions being made whilst viewing PDF’s.

Digital House can create a colour profile for use on PDF proofs so that the colours rendered are accurate when viewed, providing a confident assessment prior to full production.

Contact our sales team for more proof of our capabilities.